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Malia, Crete (Μάλια, Κρήτη)
The complete guide to Malia, Crete, Greece

Malia, Hotels. Online Booking service opens 1st July 2016

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Real Palace
Real PalaceFrom €0
Kristalli Hotel
Kristalli HotelFrom €0
4 Seasons Hotel
4 Seasons HotelFrom €0
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Malia Resort Guide 2016

- Malia is the party capital of Europe
Malia is Crete's busiest young persons resort with around 12,000 guests a week in the peek season. Situated on the north coast of Crete just 35km's from the airport. The main attraction of Malia is the nightlife and 5km's of beaches and beautiful sandy white beaches that offer the cleanest sea, perfect for swimming and water sports.
Business Focus Section - Malia
-  “Check out what Malia has to Offer”

Corkers Night Club
Corkers has been consistently busy for 23 seasons - How do they do it ?

This year is the 15th Season in Malia, Beach Road

Brasseria Restaurant Malia
The place to go since 2002 - we have a more detailed look at the Brasseria

Vagelis Apartments
Now goes Internet Only - Get ready to book for 2017

Dolphin Beach
The original beach bar, opening in 1964 - We take a look back over 52 years

Hermes Hotel
1830 lead hotel, take a look at the pictures and videos
Malia News
-  “Find out the very latest - updated daily”

Malia in 1995
We take a look back at Malia 21 seasons ago, and see what has changed and what has stayed the same

Agio Pnevma
A cozy get together with Greek Music and dance to Celebrate the feat of the Holy Spirit

Internet Bookings
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New Business for 2016
Check out all the new business for Malia 2016 - Malia just gets bigger and better
Now Trending in Malia
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Wet and Wild Pool Party
This will is the launch of the Wet and Wild Pool Party, Malia Slides. Dont miss out - Find Giorgio K, Van and Smile Dave getting things lively
Malia Reunion in Back
The Official Malia Reunion is back... Check out this site later in the year for more details and locations.

Malia Paint Party are Crazy
Malia Paint Parties are down on the Pleasure Beach every week. It gets messy and everybody loves it. Dont miss out
Inside Malia 2016
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Potamas Beaches

The Old Village

Malia Minoan Palace

Water Sports

Medical Assistance

The Clubs & Bars
Malia Events 2016
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Wet and Wild Pool Party
100 Tickets to give away. Malia crazy pool Party at Malia Slides every thursday
More from Go2Greece 2016
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Working in Malia 2016 - 2017
He we offer all the advice and information you need to become a sucessful worker in Malia. We have 22 years experience with the Malia workers.
Malia Forums - 2016 - 2017
The forums have been running since 2003 - here we have over 1 million post and replys of useful information
Transfers - How to Get here
How to get here, we offer a transfer service, with reduced rates on Taxis and full information on Buses
Got a Question ? - FAQs
Find out all you need to know about your trip to Malia
Excursions From Malia
-  “See the Island of Crete”

Knossos Palace
See the biggest Minoan Palace on the island.

Lassithi Plateau

See the old leper colony for Crete, displaded in 1957

Chrissi Island

Via Beach


The biggest and best water Park in Crete, possibly even Greece

Samaria Gorge
Things to see in Malia
-  “See something new every day while walking around Malia”

Malia Old Village
There are 50+ business in the old village, most in building that are that 300+ hundred years old. This is a must while in Malia

Malia Minoan Palace
Open to the public most days except bank holidays, go and see where the Minoans lived. You can feel their energy

Sun Set in the Beach
Dont miss, there are 10+ beach bars open at sunset, do it at least once, you will never forget it
Other Resorts and Towns Near Malia
-  “See other resorts close and around Malia”

The Malia Website In More Details
-  “What is here and what is coming soon”
Real Estate Service
We list Business and Houses for sale, both privately and through agencies. We keep a very up to date list of what is forsale in Malia
Jobs / Employment Assistance
Get all you event tickets before you arrive. This saves money and removes the change of paying more due to the changes in the exchange rate
Event Tickets
Get all you event tickets before you arrive. This saves money and removes the change of paying more due to the changes in the exchange rate
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Partly Cloudy
Feels Like 42 °C
UV Index:
Dew Point:
Sticky and Hot
10.0 km
1009.1mb andsteady
23 km/h WNW
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Remember Back in the Day - 2006