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i had a wicked time when i stopped in the 4 seasons. the staff were ace, and i had a good laugh with them, apart from when i recieved plenty of 25 euro fines for having people in my room :). Defo stop there again.

"2006 horsham girls"

room 206 ,207 and 208 the place is really lovely people are wicked really carein and funny. rooms were good always keeped clean.also food was good to.


4 seasons was an amazing hotel. I couldn't say a bad thing about it if I tried. The owners are the nicest people ever and the staff are just as lovely. 14 of us stayed here and we all made some really good friends with other guests and especially with the staff. I'd love to go back to Malia, and when I do, there's no other place I'd want to stay.

"Definatley Recommend"

Bit nervous bot comin here cos it was one of our cheapest options but absolutely loved it n miss it 2 death!!! very basic hotel, plain pool, plain room and so on but the atmosphere was wicked!!! one of the few hotels which has a 24 hour bar so every1 stopped in at the bar yet it was stil quiet enuf for some shut eye!!! made so many freinds there n really wanna go bac! wlk 2 da beach isnt bad its a bit of exercise but it is really close to the strip we made about 4 journeys to the beach and strip in one day so not bad at all!!!

"had a great time =)"

Staff were all lovely, food was good and the bar had a nice feel to it. Rooms were fine and kept clean. Was a good distance from the busy strip so was easy to get some sleep. would recommend!


Absolutely loved it here, cannot say one bad thing Van and Kat are awesome as are all the staff, definately would recommend this place for anyone! WAZABI

"The Hotel made the holiday !!!!"

Absolute quality - The owners attitude to people is amazing they genuinely just want you to have a good time. The staff who keep the 24 bar are all class and really friendly..miss you guys (Natalie, Steve, Chelsea & Milan)

See you again definately xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Had a great time at 4 Seasons with the Spice Boys...Staff all great...Can't wait to return soon...Getz me x


Hotel was amazing! as was all the staff! Big thanks to Van for saving our life! bar is awesome as an after party! would deffo reccommend!!


Had WKD time in malia and WKD time in four seasons really nice place and all nice people nice and small so you get to know everyone, bar is good and staff are really friendly would love to go back next year! If i was to moan at one thing it would be the showers but thats just being silly!


The staff are superb! Natalie with her constant smile always made you feel welcome - Milan was always good to talk to for a laugh - Steve was always up for an early morning drink (in fact he was always up for a drink no matter what time lol) and a Mr.Sandwich with plenty of mayonnaise haha - Chelsea who looks absolutely stunning was good fun too. Not forgetting 'Van the Man' and his gf Kat - awesome people! All staff were a credit to the hotel and made it the place to be in Malia.

With one of the only 24-hour bars in Malia and the best bar/hotel staff theres only one hotel in Malia I'll be going next year - Four Seasons. It kicked ass! It was purely an 18-30s hotel with a great vibe - everyone was up for it and I can't recommend the place enough!


Hotel bar was amazing and as for antonias with the security he was amazing every one was brilliant, millian the bar man and steve were funny as !!!!!

".X. LUVED IT!! .X."

Omgggggg wel 4 Seasons was the best hotel in Malia! The staff r proppa amazzzzzzin. How funny was r times @ the bar @ like 8.00am , cnt even stand up, fanx 4 r free vodka slushes millian ;)..Miss yhz all loads! The ppl ther same time as us wer propaaaaaaaa sound an I miss yhz all loadsssss!! Im gutted I nva kept intouch wif yhz all, if yhz r readin this add me!! Hahahaha. []-[]ope yhz r all goin the re-union in November in Skegness!! Rock Onnnnnn! Im 100% comin bak in 2008! An wer defo commin bak to 4 Seasonssss. I hope all the same staff r ther wen we come bak! Miss it loadsssss ive bin so bored since ive bin bak in Lpool, Malia is jus extremeeeeee. Dnt 4 get the wild scouse girls hu wer permanently drunk 24/7 :) See u soon! Mwa Mwa Mwaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) :) :)

"Totaly Class!"

Just got home about 2 hours ago and its got me so down. The staff at four seasons are quality! Natalie and Chelsea your both soo crazy! Milan is the man and the owner van is spot on. Would deffo be staying here again as the people made the place so special!

"ace time"

loved 4 seasons jus got back today miss it already ,staff were great kat was so cool i broke my ankle while there and she was always willing to help me out. thanks 4 a great time

"fan "fucking" tastic!!!"

wow...its nearly been two weeks now since ive been home...and i'm still missing it like mad..van...you are definately the man!! kat (mummy) awwww i miss you soooooooo much!!!! i'll be your angel forever!!! i'm so back next year!!! make sure you save room 118 for me!!! i love you all!!!! x x x x x x x


Came back to Wales today and was gutted, the 4 seasons is the best place to be would recomend it to all ages. Great Facilities and very friendly staff who are very laid back but will go out of their way to make the holiday a great one. KAT, your FAVOURATE welsh girls will be back next year been looking at booking already with yet another flag to hang up lol. We want out pent House again!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Came back to Wales today and was gutted, the 4 seasons is the best place to be would recomend it to all ages. Great Facilities and very friendly staff who are very laid back but will go out of their way to make the holiday a great one. KAT, your FAVOURATE welsh girls will be back next year but there will be alot more of us next year so be prepared been looking at booking already with yet another flag to hang up lol. We want out pent House again!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx we miss u already xxxxxx


Had a wicked time at four seasons!!! Staff were all friendly and welcoming - Kat - me & jen were gutted we didnt get 2 say goodbye! We would definately recommend it, however we wouldnt go back cos of the performance we had on the last nite from Van (manager) which i thought was uncalled for!! It put a damper on the fab week we had! Although its 18 - 30s complex we thought it was a bit strict ie not allowed to av loud music on after 10. Other than that we had a fab time!! - Not 2 mention Milan the HOT bar man!! And Steven...we love u!! x


loved staying at the 4 seasons couldn't have been any better apart from the fact that i had to work lol, staff were qulity Stevie wonder, milan (casanova) spiros (pools biggest loser), van the man and the two sexiest bar staff in malia natalie and chelsea, thanks for looking after us all take care Matty B (firestarter)

"Luvvv Itttt!"


"luvvvin ittt!!!"

4 seasons was the best hotel eva! the staff, steve natalie chelsea van the man spiros milan were the best people ive ever met! they were so welcoming! deffinately recommend this hotel as one of the best in malia!! cant wait until i go back! :P met so many friends there so thanks to all them aswell! u all no who yas are! :P miss ya loads nat and steve! xxx

"woop woop"

what can i say but i had a wiked time whilst out in malia and in the four seasons complex. it was a blast and cant complain about much apart from you need o be careful not to break anything or you will be charged alot!! but apart from that i loved every single moment of it and would like to say thanks to natalie who worked behind the bar for being a great lass and making it a great experience. nightlife was great from what i can remember. o yeah sorry van for wetting the bed it was an accident and i blame the vodka. bob malia brap brap brap!!!!!

"Wow Malia 2007 Ay Ay Ay Buzzzzzzzzzzz x"

Cant Fault It @ All The Holiday Was Amazing!! Miss All You Guys Who Were There 4th - 19 September :-( 1 Thing 2 Say Before I Go....Ay Ay Ay xxxxx

"Malia 2007 Ay Ay Ay!! Buzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!"

Cant Fault The Holiday - Hotel Was Perfect In Every Way. Loved It - Amazing Amazing Amazing xxxxxxxxxx

"Mint Hol!!!!"

Malia is defo the best hol I've had!!! The four seasons was a wkd place to stay, maybe abit far from the beach but hey who needs the beach when you've got a 24hr bar!?!
The only downside was maybe the furniture in the rooms was abit old and basic but its not like you go on hol to spend time in your room, also at night they were always telling you keep the noise down, kinda got boring after abit! but overall a TOP holiday and a TOP place to stay!!
Thanks all for a great hol x

"what an amazing holiday!"

WOW!Brill hotel, brill staff, lush area, amazing men!Just bloody sweet!

"amazing, very nice, staff are very friendly"

had a great time at 4 seasons staff are really nice including reps!
hotel was very nice 2! wish i could come back soon!!


this is defo the best hotel in MALIA! the bar staff and the reps were amazin :D
MALIA is defo the place 2 be 4 a major sesh!!!
wud defo go again :D :D :D

"manchester girl "

we went with club 18-30s. hello to theo and georgina if you read this, they were the reps of the hotel and were great!!!!

The four seasons is the place to be in Malia this year. it is a bit of a walk from the beach approx 30mins but i would reccormend you stay there as it is only 10mins from the night life.

all our group read the reports before we went to maila and we were expecting the worst as the reviews were very negative. but to be honest we were suprised that we didnt experience any problems with the hotel.

when we 1st arrived we were a bit dissapointed with the rooms bath room as it had not yet been up dated unlike the rooms below us but once we had unpacked and made our self at home we felt comfortable. Depending on what part of the hotel you stay will depend on the size of your room. our room was one of the smallest in the hotel but even that was big enough for us.

The outside area of the hotel with consists of a reasonable size pool and a bbq area and seating area. there is a 24hour bar in the hotel which sells a wide range of drinks and food. i would recorment a SPECIAL BREACKFAST for 3euros.

me and my friends were sure we wasent going to buy the ticket from club 18-30s to go on the booze cruise ect. but in the end we purchased a block for £140 which we got....

bbq/bar crawl - the bbq was ok but the bar crawl we ended up leaving and going on our own because they were going to the rubbish bars.

booze cruise - had a bbq and free cocktails for an hour, i would reccormend this!

beach party - 3 hour free bar, any drinks you want. the reps all did a dance and sumo fighting took place. we all dressed up as hawaian girls this was another really good night.

water park - really good although i pooed my self going on a coach to its location.

h20 - rubbish was false advertisement h2o was not there and every one left.

over all depending on what activities you pick out of the block the ticket is worth the money.

we went to malia in june but if i was to go back again i would go in july when it would be more busier!!!!!

have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

"i love my treachle natile :)"

the hotel was all good the crak was flowing and it was a very friendly place. every one got on and the staff were very friendly. i would defo go back agen for the night life and for my treachle who works behind the bar in the hotel at night she is my treachle natile lol. i really enjoyed my stay and would go back :D
much love meeeeee

"Four Seasons aaaaaaaaamazing!!!"

Scousers, Jenna, Faye and Katie stayed 17th June-2nd July! Had an amazing time, didnt want to leave. We loved everyone, kerry was lovely, ryan the barman watch out he pours cold water on u when ur asleep haha! Funny times, the best two weeks!!!!! ARE YOU READY?????? LETS PLAY DARTS? and who can 4get the geordies famous saying........DOES ANYONE WANNA GIVE ME A ....??? HAHA Missin you all at 4 seasons we will be back we promise!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx

"from steve in cardiff"

Ive just come home & im very sad, had an awsome time, the resort and hotel was really good. special thanks to the bar staff Marcella, Natalie & of course your awsome chief Kelly. Will be back as soon as i can. x


Amazing hotel, Staff are class, food is class & atmosphere is class!!

There a tad bit strict so wen ya cum in at 5am try 2 keep it down or else u'll get a warning!!!

Atmospere round the pool through the day is nice n chilled, that is untill the group of 20 strong Scottish lads decide to get out their pits at cause havoc!!!!

The rep is class (Not that u eva see him lyk!!) Lv ya really Theo!!!!

Natalie & Ryan & the rest of the english bar staff r great!!

Some of the rooms av been refurbished and r really modern but if ya as unlucky as my mates u'll be goin bk to the 80's ha ha!!! Still they were all clean and tidy!!!

Had the most amazing holiday eva thanks to Four Seasons and will defo be goin bk!!!

P.S The Older Security guard is propa misserable but the younger 1 is well class lest ya get away wit anything..... xxxxx

Miss ya's all mwah xxxxxx