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Malia, Crete (Μάλια, Κρήτη)
The complete guide to Malia, Crete, Greece

Premier Bar

Malia's Premier Bar and Nightlife Hot Spot

The Premier Bar has been on Beach Road, Malia since 1998.Our focus is on having fun - we have a karaoke machine and a good team of both Bar Staff and PR's.We understand that not everybody is a good singer, and not everybody wants to listen to Karaoke, so we have one every 15 mins. We offer a wide range of both party music, 70s / 80s / 90s as well as all the chart music, from R&B to funky house and the classics. We have one of the best Party / Karaoke DJs in Malia - he knows how to get the party started. If you are up for a laugh, then come and check us out, we will be waiting for You.

"Malia's Original and best Karaoke Bar" - "Come and Join the Party" - "Sexy Bar Staff - Sexy Owner - Great Atmosphere"

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