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Malia, Crete, Greece
The complete guide to Malia, Crete, Greece

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Outside the Banana Bar with the Scousers at about 3am a little bit worse for wear!!  Great Holiday see ya soon girls!!!! 3 Hunks in the pool at the Real Palace!!  Remember the faces we will be back next June Costas and Manos in the pool bar with me and my 3 mates (niz, tiff and goon) before we headed back to sunny scotland! Sammie, Nicola and Big D having fun behind the bar! The snack bar Mr Niz and the Palace at night time (note the Scotland flags!) The real palace beer keg and for rent sign! Manos! The man is a legend! "No Big Mummas tonight, huh?" The signed Amstel keg on the Coke Machine! chris getting some air, shortly before the poor dino sank :-( Cheers Cosata Zoe getting a cheeky last cuddle We survived Malia The two best guys in Malia
Cosata & Mano Manos you look so cool by the pool. i think England were still in the world cup at this poinnt... A nice day in June 2007, Such a wicked place
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