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Malia, Crete (Μάλια, Κρήτη)
The complete guide to Malia, Crete, Greece

Reflex 80's Bar

The Hoff live's on, where with the rubix cube

Reflex is a hugely popular bar right in the centre of Malia, playing 80's music and other old tunes, loudly decorated with music memorabilia, glitter balls, a podium and many items to dress up in like huge Elton John glasses and Tina Turner wigs.

Have your picture taken in the Hoff Corner with David Hasslehoff or show off your dance skills on the podium.

A fun bar where the staff will ensure that you have a brilliant evening.


First we thought they were Wizard of Oz, then we thought no, they must be super heroes and finally we worked it out - they did not really know each other. They bowed to the Hoff poster and put on the big Elton John glasses and then went to save the world

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<< Back to Reflex 80's Bar Gallery List