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Malia, Crete (Μάλια, Κρήτη)
The complete guide to Malia, Crete, Greece

Working in Malia 2016 - Workers Advice 2017


Working in Malia can be amazing experance and life changing 6 months. Many of the workers who meet in Malia become life long friends, and in some cases have got married or started business together. Though the focus should be on the work, there are many other aspects to the Malia workers experance - The parties, the 


The easiest way to get a job in Malia is to be there; bars, clubs, restaurants etc, do advertise their vacancies on websites however they would still expect you to be there in person before offering you a job.


There are many jobs available in Malia not just bar staff or Pr'ing


There are many flight companies for you to choose from, however check out our recommended links below:
The airport you will need to book your flight to is Heraklion (Iraklio in Greek)

Recommended Flight Companies:      Thomas Cook       (click below for a quote) 



 Malia SunDance 2013 - Malia show with the permissions of MaliaTV - All Video rights belong to Malia TV


Once you have booked a flight you will need to get from Heraklion Airport to your hotel, we are now able to offer a taxi service at a reduced rate (a third cheaper than the taxis outside the airport), if you book this service, when you come out of arrivals a driver will be waiting for you with your name on a card and will take you direct to your hotel, they also provide a telephone number should you have any problems ie your flight is delayed.


While you are looking for a job and workers accommodation, you will need a roof over your head, you can book the following hotels through us. - xxx

Recommended Taxi Companies: MP Taxis
 (click below for a quote)


You do not need a visa to work in Crete as it is now part of the EU. (We are now reviewing this statement inlight of the UK BREXIT decision)


We advise everyone to get travel insurance, you never know what will happen.  Please be aware that the majority of insurance policies do not cover you driving Scooters or Quad Bikes, if you are going to to hire a vehicle of any type, you will need to find a policy that will definitely cover any accident that might happen, (even if its not your fault).  Helmets must be worn at all times (even though the locals don't) because any insurance policy will be considered null and void if you do not wear one.  If you do not wear your helmet and the police stop you - you will be fined.




Getting a job:
Start looking straight away for a job, don't have a "couple of days Holiday" first, two days turn into three and then four and you will run out of time, although its not difficult to find a job especially at the beginning of the season, but it does take longer than you think to find a job and accommodation.  You will have plenty of time to "holiday" once you get yourself sorted.


Once you arrive go and speak to the owners of the bars and clubs etc, they are really friendly and approachable people and prefer to meet people face to face.  You will earn between €20 & €30 a day and be expected to work long hours and for 7 days a week in the peak season, however sunbathing on the beach or round a local pool during the day is an ideal way of relaxing and topping up your tan.

If you have any difficulty finding a job, find out where all the workers hang out during the day (normally at the beach), they will know where there are jobs available, alternatively, call into our office at the top of Beach Road, and we will help you.



Workers Accommodation:
Now you will need to find workers accommodation, if you have found a job ask the owner if he knows of any (some of them have accommodation above their premises or have relatives that have accommodation).


Depending on the type, size and location workers accommodation tends to be between €300 & €400 a month this you can split with 1, 2 or 3 people depending on how many you share with.  Most of the accommodation will ask for a deposit as well, this varies from 1 week to 1 months rent, depending on the owner.  A few of the places charge extra for electricity as well, this tends to be the nicer apartments with air conditioning.


It is possible in a few places to pre-book workers accommodation, however, you are better off getting accommodation once you get here, then you will know the area and where you are working so you can look for something close by, this way you also get to see where you are staying before putting a deposit down.


What to expect.... Workers accommodation varies from really nice apartments with separate bedrooms, kitchen and air conditioning, to rooms with just 2 beds in, it really depends on what you want and how much you want to pay.  The average workers accommodation has a lounge area with a two ring hob or two ring hob and oven and 1 bed, another room with 2 beds in it and a bathroom with a shower, (the showers in Crete - even in the hotels - do not have a holder for the shower head - you have to hold them up).  If you don't have air conditioning (which the majority don't) you can buy fans locally at Spar for about €30.


We cannot give quotations for workers accommodation as the majority of the places that cater for workers will not take any pre-bookings, they are normally on a first come, first serve basis.  If you have any difficulties, come and see us at our office at the top of Beach Road and we will point you in the right direction.


Coming out on your own...  There are very few single apartments, so if you are coming out on your own, come to our office when you get here, and we will put a note in the window saying "Looking for a room mate", or "need to share an apartment", A lot of people come out in twos and they have a third bed in their apartment, this is an easy way to find somebody to share with and to share the rent.


Malia SunDance 2013 - Malia show with the permissions of MaliaTV - All Video rights belong to Malia TV


This will be one of those times of you life. Make the most of it, some workers stay one year some workers stay 10 or 15 years, but they all more or less say the same thing "the first time was the best" - This will be the time of your life - dont waste a second - Work hard play harder - )


Malia SunDance 2008 - The people may have changed, but the spirit is still the same


Get to know the other workers early on and dont wait too long. You are all in it together - some of them might know some tricks, gossip or help full information. Many Malia workers have gone on to much better things, TV presenters, DJs for MTV, glob trotting famious DJs and the globally reconised DJ for Tinie Tempah. 


Other Information:

What do you need to bring with you... Your travel insurance, (or email it to your self), your driving licence, if you are going to hire a quad or scooter (not recommended), and your clothes... if you are working in the evening you will be expected to look good, but remember you will be standing for anything up to 7 hours, so ensure you shoes are comfortable, otherwise they will stay under your bed for the season, and don't forget its hot, even at 12 o/c at night, so loads of jumpers and jeans wont be needed.  You can buy nearly everything you need, there is a large Spar Supermarket that supplies a lot of UK items, however, its definitely worth trying some of the local makes because they are a lot cheaper.


What if I need some stuff sent out to me... You can get stuff sent out to you via the post office, once you are settled, you can give your workers accommodation address and have it sent there, the post man only has a bike, so it the parcel is too big, they will leave a collection slip and you will have to go to the post office to collect it, the only problem with that is the post office closes at 2pm. Alternatively you can use the office address and have it sent there, however, please think about the size of the box you have sent out, we only have a push bike too.


Bank Accounts...  The best bank account to have is a Nationwide Flex Account, this company do not charge to withdraw money in Crete, so all you have to think about is the exchange rate of the day.   However, only use the Banks cash points to withdraw month, the cash machines outside bars, beaches etc, will charge you a high rate to withdraw any money.


What if I need to have money sent out to me or I need to send money back to England... If you need to receive money whilst in Crete, obviously you can have money put into your bank account and draw it out in Crete, again if you have a Nationwide account you will not incur charges, the only other alternative is to use Western Union or Money Gram, someone in England will have to go to a Western Union or Money Gram office (there are loads based all over the UK), they will be asked to complete a form, they need to put your name and Malia Crete as the receiving place, make sure you don't just put Malia, as the money will go astray, they will then be given a reference number which they need to tell you, you then go to the local Western Union or Money Gram office in Malia, with your passport and the reference number and you will be given your money. 


If you need to send money back to England, you will have to use either Western Union or Money Gram, and they charge a fee depending on the amount you are sending. You cannot transfer money through a bank unless you have a Greek bank account, to get one you will need to have a tax number.


The end of Season Malia Reunions:

In the past they have attrached 2500 - 2600 people, with less people working in Malia now the reunions have become slightly smaller, but are still very worth attending.



Types of Jobs you will find in Malia

Below are some of the types of jobs you may find. You need to decide if you are a day worker or a night workers, so people manage both, but this is unusual 

Working on the Beaches and Beach Work

Bar Staff  Working in the beach bars
Beach Boys/Girls Putting out sun beds / umbrellas, taking money
Waiters/Waitress Serving food and drink to the beach
Glass/Plate Collectors Collecting and cleaning


Working on the Beaches and Beach Work

Bar Staff  Working in the beach bars
Beach Boys/Girls Putting out sun beds / umbrellas, taking money
Waiters/Waitress Serving food and drink to the beach
Glass/Plate Collectors Collecting and cleaning


Working in the Bars and Clubs

DJ's/MC's - Although there are less vacancies
Bar Staff Working in very busy bars
Glass Collectors Collecting and cleaning
Pr's Club promotion
Security  Security / Door Staff


Working in Malia's Restaurants and Cafes

Chefs - Cooks A lot of the restaurants like to have an English Chef/Cook
Waiters/Waitresses Experience required
Pr's Restaurant Promotion


Working in Malia's Hotels and Apartments

Receptionist Greeting guests, performing general administrative duties
Bar Staff Working in pool bars
Pool Waiters/Waitress Serving food and drink to guests


Working in Malia's Car and Bike Hire Companies

Pr's Car and Bike hire companies prefer to have English staff promoting their businesses, this involves explaining the Greek insurances and explaining any deals that are available.


Working in PR for various Businesses

Flyers Giving our Flyers to as many people as possible to promote the event or club you are working for
Tickets Sellers Selling tickets for specific events, normally paid a wage and commission